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Add short excerpt to clip Title in main window


Currently I have a clip's date and source application listed in the Title column of the main window. Both are helpful, but is there a way to get a short excerpt of the clip itself there, similar to the quick paste popup? I've added %shortexcerpt% to clipboard/clip naming option, and restarted the prog, to no avail.


Let's see -- if you just want to show the excerpt column in the main window (this should be done by default but it's possible that it isn't), then click onthe tiny cell in the grid header that's in the upper left and check the "Excerpt" checkbox:

Wow, very impressive. Thanks much, mouser. Blessings!

mouser, this kind of question has come up before.  Is there any way to make that cell more prominent, and/or add more in Help, or a video?


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