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NANY 2015 Donation Support Idea


Hey guys,

Just a quick idea...I am hoping other people might follow in my footsteps with their NANY 2015 releases by means of offering multiple ways for people to Donate to the continued development of your Software.  What I mean by this is letting people choose to make a donation to charity instead of donating directly to YOU...or donating to DC as a whole (Making a Site Fund Donation).

I have done this myself in my SlackyApp release, and have opted to allow people to donate to the RSPCA as well as DonationCoder as a whole!

Hopefully this will spur some charitable support from people and will keep within the spirit of DonationCoder by means of not really being bothered about the aspect of money when it comes to releasing Software here :)

Hopefully somebody will follow me on this!!! (Obviously feel free to choose your own charities!)


My suggestion: Keep it simple, tell them to donate directly to you.

It's hard enough getting donations - and its fun to get donations.

So just keep it simple and ask folks to donate to you, and you can decide after the fact how much you want to donate to RSPCA, DC, etc.

By participating in NANY you are helping DC enough  :up:


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