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when will we eventually be able to

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That's the beauty of Ethanol. Its a perfect solution... for the people promoting it.

"Its environmentally friendly"

Yet the MPG penalty causes you to burn significantly more GASOLINE per mile, my previous car the difference was on the level of a 25% increase in gasoline consumption as it dropped from 40 MPG to only 30 MPG when using 10% ethanol. Look at that! It takes 15% more GASOLINE when using E10 fuel over straight gas.

"Its cheap and easy to make."

Okay, Ethanol costs somewhere around $3 per gallon to make when done right. And okay, I'll give that a great deal of ethanol is a byproduct of other processes it is a really cheap addition to a tank of gas to keep the price from going to the moon.

But are you really saving money? Not only is there the problem with the MPG penalty, but it really does eat up the car's components and probably is an attempt by someone somewhere to sabotage older vehicles in the country's motor fleet to force people to buy new all the time. You'll spend more on repairs.

Oh and the way the subsidy on ethanol fuel works is the more ethanol they can squeeze into a gallon without breaking people's stuff, the more they get government handouts for helping the environment.

So while the pump is supposed to be dispensing E10, 10% ethanol, in practice it will run as high as 15% without notice.

Stoic Joker:
Amen to ^That^!! I went through $100 in float needles before I finally gave up and traded in my beloved tricked out 87 FLHTP. Now I've got a 100lb heavier (electronics mostly--> EFI 10 FLTRX with a 23ci larger engine that tops out ~20mph slower (but mileage is roughly the same). :(

Instead cops should be driving a 4 cylinder turbocharged toyota or a 3 cylinder turbodiesel saab, that way the bulk of their cruising time is done with the utmost fuel efficiency while still retaining the kick in the pants for running down fugitives.-SeraphimLabs (October 20, 2014, 03:47 PM)
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While it would be fun(ny) to force them all to drive Smart Cars, the fuzz are just fine with American muscle. The Dodge Chargers are actually pretty good on gas (we just bought one a few months back) if you don't stand on it constantly. AFA cruising efficiency, that's what the computer is for ... They just need a chip they can toggle between pursuit and eco-tastic happy butterfly mode.

Eco-tastic happy butterfly mode has a new friend!

The sports car that runs on SALTWATER: Vehicle goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds - and has just been approved for EU roads

* Quant e-Sportlimousine's top speed is 217mph - equal to a McLaren P1
* The car uses a saltwater flow cell system to power four electric motors
* Water passes through membrane in tanks creating an electric charge
* Two 200-litre water tanks can provide a range of 373 miles (600km)
* The four-seater is 5.25 metres (0.4ft) long and 2.2 metres wide (7.2ft)
* Price and sale date yet to be confirmed, but may cost more than £1m
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Talking about oil and such...just spotted this:

Total's CEO Christophe de Margerie dies in Moscow plane crash

Airport spokeswoman Elena Krylova said: "Tonight, a plane crashed when it collided with a snow-clearing machine. Three crew members and a passenger died."

"I can confirm that the passenger was Total's head de Margerie," she said.

Mr de Margerie had been chief executive of Europe's third largest oil company since 2007.

The company has confirmed his death.

Russia's emergencies ministry said in a statement that the accident had involved a Falcon-50 plane shortly before midnight Moscow time (20:00 GMT) on Monday. The jet had been due to fly to Paris.

The 63-year-old executive was highly regarded within the oil industry. At Total, where he had spent his entire career, he was nicknamed "Big Moustache".

He joined Total Group after graduating from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Paris in 1974.

John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil told the BBC: "It's a huge loss to the industry and its future focus.

"What he has done for Total in repositioning the company to return to integrity and sound operations is deeply respected and highly regarded."

During his time at the helm of Total Mr Margerie successfully defended the company against allegations of corruption around the UN oil-for-food programme in Iraq.

He maintained the company's investments in Burma and Iran despite US sanctions against those countries. This year he argued Europe should maintain its energy relationship with Russia amid the conflict in Ukraine.
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We have a bridge a ways south of where I live that they charge a toll on.  They sell passes that allow you to just cruise on through via the special 'passholder' lanes, and a transponder system pings your pass (a window sticker with a built-in antenna thingy, probably) as you go.  If you take the passholder lane without a pass, or an expired pass, a camera takes a picture of your license plate and you get a bill (with accompanying citation) in the mail.  

Not so sure I would dig a similar system at the pump though...  :huh:

Miles, we GOTTA find you somebody to shack up with until you get back on your feet.  If I lived in Florida, you'd already have a futon and a coffee table in my basement AT LEAST.  Come on, DC... anybody in Florida have some spare room or know somebody who does?


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