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when will we eventually be able to

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ok ok
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Thanks for asking.  It felt good to vent(yet another gas tank pun.)  :)

Before electronic ignition and after they started raising the gas prices if I knew the customer was burning regular in a high compression engine I used to performance time it via test drive.  It would at least not react like a bucking bronco.  But it's not worth the effort if you get some dick who wants the settings "by the book" as you can never get  him to admit the gasoline available when he bought the car is not for sale now.  Thus making the initial timing wrong.  Especially if the cheap bastard is buying regular on top of it.  :)
-MilesAhead (October 20, 2014, 02:59 PM)
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Pretty much- and that's why the PCM does what it does. It is able to sense when the engine is knocking and retard the timing all by itself to compensate, finding the sweet spot for the operating conditions of the day.

Its not perfect, but it is better than nothing at least.

I still object to cops having these SUVs and big block sporty cars as their everyday cruisers. They take way too much gas, cost way too much in the first place, and have next to no actual reason to be like that.

Instead cops should be driving a 4 cylinder turbocharged toyota or a 3 cylinder turbodiesel saab, that way the bulk of their cruising time is done with the utmost fuel efficiency while still retaining the kick in the pants for running down fugitives. At the same time the smaller car would hold the road at higher speeds and be less obvious when parked in the bushes on the side of the road for a speed trap.

The spark advance may have quite a range of adjustment in the computer.  Even back when I was working in the field the advance was quite radical at times.  I'm not sure how far they can retard the timing but they may have compensated for the problem by now.

Afa the police vehicles I favor a bicycle and night stick combination.  All these automatic weapons and everything high powered makes me feel we are attracting applicants who want to "play guns" like when 8 years old.  Turn on the siren and jump the stop light mentality.

Most life threatening situations call for an ambulance or EMT response rather than an armed one.  One thing I will say about the Miami cops, I've never seen them strike anyone.  They may yell some unpleasant things at a person who is acting belligerent verbally.  But I've never seen any physical abuse.  The ones I've talked to even if they want to help they can't do much.  Miami doesn't have overnight one night shelters like some cold towns.  I heard they may be starting that up though.  More people come to town every day it seems.  :(

But I digress.  :)


when will we eventually be able to go to a petrol station, fill our car, and pay automatically, contactless, instantly?

by a system that will recognize our plate and charge our account accordingly?

ok, if you want we can enter our pin to authorise the transaction, but for me personally it isn't necessary

-kalos (October 20, 2014, 11:09 AM)
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Have you heard of this new invention called the wheel?
-eleman (October 20, 2014, 11:59 AM)
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oh we don't have it here in UK
where are you based? do you have it?
-kalos (October 20, 2014, 12:04 PM)
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You do realise we have Contactless payment available at Tesco Petrol stations amongst many many others...for the most part, ASDA petrol stations are unmanned and require you to enter your Credit Card before pumping be honest...if you are are going to be standing around anyway, so it's not like you could be doing anything other than standing it doesn't really take extra time  :huh:

In terms of having the car analyse the fuel you are putting in...that already happens...on my car (Ford Focus 2013 model) it will NOT open the filler cap unless it "Smells" unleaded fuel...if it "Smells" diesel, it just simply refuses to allow it - So analyzing these things already happens on most modern cars

Stoic Joker:
Regardless of how it's paid for, they need to go back to selling actual gas ... Instead of this marginally combustible Ethanol shit they've been foisting on people. Ethanol is more expensive to make, destructive to the engine components, kills performance, and ruins gas mileage. It's just one big black-eyed tree hugging Epic Failure all the way around. They need to quit it, apologize - maybe refund a few bucks for damages - and go back to what works.


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