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The most stupid Windows error?

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I run Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, UAC On, user account.  When I want to shut down, I close open application programs, click on the desktop, press Alt-F4, choose Shut down.  Occasionally I get this BSOS Black Screen of Stupidity:

Windows can't shut down because Windows is shutting down?  :huh:>:(

But don't you want to hear that awesome logoff sound?

But don't you want to hear that awesome logoff sound?
-mwb1100 (October 19, 2014, 04:33 PM)
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Is there a "smiley" for apoplexy? :tellme:

I run Vista Home Premium, ...
-rjbull (October 19, 2014, 04:31 PM)
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Every second version of Windows... Darn that meme just keeps on giving!

: )

What I hate is before I can read the screen and decide what I want to do, it does what it wants anyway.  It may as well put that television bullseye with the radar scan line that rotates 360 degrees to count down the seconds.  No message.  I'll just know to wait for it to shut down.  :)


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