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Auto-Hide without Docking


One thing I have not figured out yet: How do I get a horizontal launchbar that auto-hides after launching a program or folder from it?

What I'd like to do: Have a horizontal bar positioned at the top of the screen like a dropdown menu, but NOT pop up when the mouse touches the edge. Some of my programs (like ScreenshotCaptor) show important menus on the same auto-hide basis. I don't want Launchbar to cover up these other toolbars when I reach the screen edge.

if its not going to pop up when mouse touches edge, how would you want to tell it to show when you wanted it?

Hotkey - Toggle Dock instead of popup menu (but don't toggle on mouse at screen edge)
Or the other way round: horizontal menu that auto-hides like a dock - this would achieve the same end

ah ok i see. yes i can add that no problem.

Great. Thanks.  :Thmbsup:


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