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SUGGESTION: Global shortcut key for decreasing "Auto-incrementing Number"

Hi mouser,

Congratulations for the great job you did on creating Screenshot Captor. Thanks a lot for this!

My suggestion today is about create the possibility to use shortcut keys for decrease "Preferences" -> "The Basics" -> "File Naming Template" -> "Auto-increment Number" value.

Reason: sometimes we take some shots in a row using File Templates + Auto-incrementing Number (%numinc%) but when we did a mistake and want to discard a file (by example: example_050.png) and continue saving files in sequence (replacing the old example_050.png file to a new example_050.png file) it will increase the value in +1 (example_051.png). What I am doing to bypass it is change the "Auto-incrementing Number" from 51 to 50 manually, but it is taking a lot of time from me (yes I know that it means also that I am doing a lot of mistakes with my tembling hand  :(). A shortcut for doing this will be very handy. Maybe if you add this feature I think that an option like "replace files with same name" will have to be enable too.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Edit: please forget about the "replace files with same name" part. I already found that option. Sry.

This is kind of a weird one -- it's hard for me to justify adding a hotkey just for this.
I do plan on totally revamping the hotkey system to make it more flexible; when i do we can revisit this.


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