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Progress bars seems lost


I had configurated the bars but now are the same when you install the program.
All i do is reiniate.

Where can i find the personal configuration file ?

How can I recover the configuration of bars.

Best Regards

Trying now with the ini files and the settings folder...
I install as portable in :
O:\Mis documentos en O\SOFTWARE GESTION\ProgressBarsOfLifePortableACER

I am reading :
O:\Mis documentos en O\SOFTWARE GESTION\ProgressBarsOfLifePortableACER\Note_For_PortableUse.txt

I don't find the corresponding ConfigDir.ini to this application....

What have i done to this messing panorama ?


I create from the default one the ConfigDir.ini
Trying to solve why i lost the personalyzed bars...

Finally i had a security copy with the configuration. I restore and recover all the bars except one I remade.
But I don't know why i lost the bars...



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