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How to save an enlarged image?


So, here's something that's evaded me ever since I started using this program.

Very often, after capturing an image, I'll play with the Zoom slider on the right side of the main window.

So, say I zoom it up to 150% and I now want to save the blown up image..I've tried all the available "Save" options in the File menu but it never works as when I check the file saved to my computer, it's the original sized image and not the 150% zoomed up one that I really want.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance..


hi xbeatle (I almost posted that with the mistyped xbeastle :-))

the zoom is only for 'preview' - if you want to resize the image:
in the menu under Edit, click Resize image or canvas

Resizing the canvas ("Expand canvas") would make a border around the current image, so you need to deselect that.
Hang on I'll make a screenshot - go with the options below.
"Preserve ratio" is important.
Then increase the pixel number as desired, or the percentage.

I'm not sure what the best "Smoothing filter" is here - you could experiment - but it is important to note that, as soon as you resize a screenshot, you will lose a lot of the quality/crispness of the image.

Resized image @150% below (click to enlarge)

How to save an enlarged image?

that's a lot better than I would have expected actually :up:

xbeastie boy maybe..but alas, it's the Fab 4 for me ;-)

Tomos(almost inputted Tomas ;-)), thanks for the quick response as I stumbled upon the resize canvas option in the Edit menu.

And yes, the key is to know what size zoom you can get away with..150% seems doable for my purposes(

Thanks again..




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