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Portatil to control a desktop pc

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Portatil Acer Aspire 5738DZG
Desktop : processor intel i7 16 GB ram. Graphic Card CLUB 3D 9800GT
motherboard ASUS P7P55D EVO

Environment : the portatil goes up the cpu of the desktop. Desktop without monitor, keyboard or mouse.
The portatil must control the desktop using the portatil monitor, portatil keyboard, and portatil mouse.
I have a special cross RJ45 connection cable.

Is possible ?
Do you have real experience ?
What is the best full free program with forum for this purpose ?

Best Regards

edited : my operating system in both devices are : windows 7 -64  home premium edition. I have read i can't use the utility from microsoft in the os.

The RDP technology from Microsoft itself does exactly what you want to do.

Not available in the premium version of your OS? Microsoft sure is skimpy with features in a "premium" version of their OS. Hardly deserves that name then (in my book).

In case it isn't available, you can always use: VNC
ThightVNC is free, RealVNC is not. TightVNC will also do what you want.

Both RDP and VNC exist for a long time so you shouldn't encounter problems with either.
VNC will even work cross-platform, while RDP is a Windows-only solution.
RDP is slightly faster though. It can be because it doesn't allow more than one user to be connected that way, while VNC doesn't have that problem.

TeamViewer is also an option, but with that one I don't have any experience.

There are even more options if the desktop had a monitor of its own. Till now I have good experiences with Synergy Plus. That software allows you to share your mouse and keyboard between more than one computer.

*edit* changes after re-reading the post of the OP + some additions

TeamViewer :-* is incredibly easy to set up and a joy to use. So it's an excellent choice. But it's only free for personal use. Otherwise, it gets pricey.

You can install a Google Chrome Extension that will allow you to remote to your other devices.

It's also very useful to access your PC from an Android device.

Synergy Plus. That software allows you to share your mouse and keyboard between more than one computer.
-Shades (October 18, 2014, 02:29 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think the remote desktop that comes with windows 7 i can't use with the home premium version. It for professiona, ultimate,....
So I have seen UltraVNC or TeamViewer.

I'll take a good look to Synergy Plus.

The other VNC going to see if they have forums....

UltraVNC has its own forum ...


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