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Patreon for software developers? (Crowd funding)


Anyone seen this before?

It's a kind of crowd funding for regular content creators.

From the FAQ:

Who can be a creator on Patreon?

Anyone can be a creator! If you have a passion to create awesome content for your fans, you can do it on Patreon. Creators are already making:

* Youtube Videos & Channels
* Web Comics
* Blogs
* Indie Games
* Music
* Articles
* Podcasts
* Animations
* Illustrations
* Photography
* Anything you'd want to share!
--- End quote ---

It's got games there, so clearly there's a possibility, but I don't know if it would actually be practical for other devs.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Yes, I support quite a few patreons myself, and had been thinking about creating my own- but more gaming related.  The programming idea is a different one...

And I don't look at this as "crowdfunding" as much as being a patron- like the museum memberships or having a patron as an artist.  Especially because you create the creation, and only at that point are the funds released.  And this can be on as periodic a schedule as can be managed- but only at those periods are the funds released.

Would be nice if this would be something that could be done here at DC for Software Devs - People pledge $X/Month for Developers for certain things (I don't know how it would work...just seems DC is a logical place for these things?)


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