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How to easily program/play a "web navigation session"

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every day I need to go to a specific site, send my credential, navigate 2 or 3 pages, make some decisions, submitting some forms and then get some results.

I was thinking to automate all the session with a kind of program to "play" a web session and get results, like this:

get_this_page_to_variable a="", username=stefano, password=stefano
if a contains "to authorize" then
   get_this_page_to_variable b="", var1=val1, var2=val2

I saw that AutoHotKey has the url_download_to_file but it is not enough. I tried java or c# but I did not want a complex programming language or interface.

Does anyone know if there is a tool/scripting language/anything to automate web sessions (maybe keeping track of cookies?)



Carol Haynes:
Not sure but you may be able to do something like this in website watcher.

Otherwise how about a macro scripting language?

A macro scripting language is what I am searching for... but I don't know which is the one to use...
I just came across wget and curl, and I am studying them (trying at first to understand the difference...)


According to this page, it can be done with a VBScript...but chances are it would have to be written specifically for your situation.

OK I'll show how I did it: I used wget within a batch file like this:

@echo off
wget  --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies cuc --post-data "username=xxxxxxx&Password=yyyyyyy&URL=&B1=Login" http://mysite/formLogin/frmLogin.asp

wget  --load-cookies cuc --post-data "D3=01&nome=2006&Area2=12&nome2=2006&D11=TUTTI&b1=OK" "http://mysite/post.asp"

and then I parsed the resulting page (which has the information I need) to get my result.



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