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Linking to .msc console

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How do I link to Microsoft's Management console?
Simply entering "services.msc" or "Eventvwr.msc" etc does not work.
I tried to emulate pressing WIN+R, then Eventvwr.msc - but that won't do the trick, either. The SendKeys feature does not seem to support the WIN-modifier key.  :tellme:

Great tool, btw.  :Thmbsup: Just came upon this and now I am trying to replace my current launcher.

Let me look into the code early next week -- it may be that LBC is not launching .msc files properly.
One possible workaround for now would be to make a windows shortcut to the .msc file, and add that shortcut to LBC toolbar, so LBC tries to launch the shortcut instead of the .msc directly.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Take your time, no hurry.
I noticed it will work if I hard-code the full path into it. Seems like System32 gets redirected on my machine to SysWOW64. But to be portable for other machines it were nice if you could get it to work more flexibly.

In other respects your launchbar is superior to my current launcher. I especially like the virtual links to existing nodes, the multiple docks, the visual options for spacing the main buttons apart, having headings inside submenus .…   amazing   :Thmbsup: :)

I can launch event viewer... just fine and I have being doing so for months. I've attached a screenshot of my set-up

Thanks dluby,
what OS are you on? And how do you call the eventviewer?

BTW, it's not just msc files. Launching stikynot via WIN+R pops up a note nicely,  but entering a command link "stikynot" or "stikynot.exe" into Launchbar will cause an error.


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