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New Feature? highlighted/selected text in clip - copy to clipboard as plain text



Under Options - Misc. Options 2

Add a new option: As soon as text is highlighted/selected in clip memo, copy it to clipboard as plain text

Most probably this option may be used to copy parts of a clip to clipboard so to use it elsewhere, i.e. in other
applications, such as Word, Outlook or so.
If it is copied as plain text, so it will not mess up the format in the other application.

My suggestion is a bit like this...



Hmm.. i think this should already be the case.. if you select text in the clip memo, and it is copied to clipboard, it will be plain text -- because CHS only knows how to do plaintext.

Then, most likely I am doing something wrong.

My steps
1. in options misc. options tag "As soon as text is highlighted/selected in clip memo, copy it to clipboard" (2nd item)
2. select formatted text and copy to clipboard
3. select text only  (do not click on the copy to clipboard button)
4. a new item is created
5. paste into word

when using the copy clip to clipboard button and then paste into word, the text is pasted as plain text.



Does the same behavior happen if its not the most recent clip?

I think so yes, I took a number of clips, then took -say- the 5th from the top and same occurred. Maybe you give it a try?


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