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Change the focus of all the"save or search in" possibilities at once

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ah.  Such is life :(

Stoic Joker:
This is why I always keep the currently active project(s) folder(s) open so I can drag and drop files into anything if need be. No this method doesn't scale well...but then again at my age neither does my memory.

A utility to "make this my default location" would be a great right-click option.
-questorfla (October 16, 2014, 08:23 AM)
--- End quote ---

It doesn't exactly do it that way but Direct Folders has several ways to achieve the same outcome (by showing a list of most recently saved to folders or by saving it as a favourite). Couldn't live without it. It does have some overlapping capabilities with Listary, but I prefer DF (have both but disabled Listary recently because I found I wasn't using it).

Not sure if this will fit the bill but have you looked at Listary.
You can set up a favorites menu and it can also keep track of recently accessed folders to provide easier navigation.
It helps me on a daily basis.

Edit: dr_Andus mentioned Listary while I was posting. Direct Folders is also good.

Someone somewhere posted a link to a program that makes TABS .  I think it was called Clover?  I DL'ed it and ran it on my Home system (as usual without reading instructions) and promptly forgot it was there.  A day or so later i noticed all kinds of odd things and uninstall-ed it.  Has anyone tried Clover?  This would certainly do the trick for one specific need. 
In that setup, I have to copy/paste, save as, etc a lot inside of PAINT and Notepad and a few others.  Drilling down to the level of the folder i need is just tedious and since it is the SAME folder for every project, i have accidentally saved files from one of them into the same sub-folder of a different project since the programs in question were used there last. 
I guess one way of doing ti would be to make a list of all the programs i use on each project in this manner, find out where they save their "last used path" at, and write a script to allow me to input the needed path all at one time in each of them.?  Sound possible?


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