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Change the focus of all the"save or search in" possibilities at once

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I guess one way of doing ti would be to make a list of all the programs i use on each project in this manner, find out where they save their "last used path" at, and write a script to allow me to input the needed path all at one time in each of them.?  Sound possible?
-questorfla (October 22, 2014, 01:06 PM)
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This is indeed one of the Pro features of Direct Folders (but I realise you may not want to shell out for that):

Pro: Jumps to the last used folder or any folder you specified.
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Then it is Pro for me DR! :Thmbsup:
Does it work on windows 8.1 x64 if you happen to know?

Speaking of DF though, it does look like its development has been abandoned, unfortunately, and whoever is selling the software now is not very communicative (understatement). It works reasonably well on my Win7, 64-bit system with Dopus 10, but judging from customer comments on their blog (yes, the last post on DF was in 2012), there are some problems with Dopus 11 compatibility: Code Sector Blog.

I left a detailed request too.  I guess I will find out how fast they are :)

Some the 12 alternatives at Direct Folders Alternatives and Similar Software - might also be worth checking out.


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