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Change the focus of all the"save or search in" possibilities at once

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This is just an annoyance but if anyone knows the answer. 

When working with various editor programs like Paint, Notepad, etc.  I have to go to the same folder with each program to save the results of the items I am working on.  If there is a place to change the default locations used for everything all at once,  that might solve the problem.  Apparently each one uses the last directory that program was used in which is not the one I currently need it to be in. 

The layout is such that unless I am watching close, I :mad: end up in a previous subfolder which is in the same name for two levels up the path until it reaches the USER level where it will be in the User's layout.  I have to reset each one manually for the first save until they are all going to the same place. 

Examples would be saving images downloaded from the net.  If that is the first thing I need to do, I navigate to the correct user's directory and down to the correct subfolder and save the result.  If the next thing I do is open that image in Paint to add a background and then save the result, they end up in whatever location I last used Paint in.  The list is endless.  Every program remembers where it was last used and puts results there instead of using the current directory in focus at the time.   When I am in a hurry, this results in creating files that I cannot find later :(.  Or worse!  Overwriting files in a folder where they were already correct with the images that need to be in the another User's images folder.

I am not sure how Windows manages the "default remembered" folder for each program but the current setup has caused more than one time-consuming mistake that has to be corrected.  At  the same time, its normal setup I am sure has many advantages under other circumstances.

A utility to "make this my default location" would be a great right-click option.

Search the forum for "dialog extenders."

Did that and got  lot of thread but most were pretty "dated" so much that I was afraid they listed programs that would not apply to Windows 8.  Is this just a "Duh" moment for only  me?  Am I the only one that this annoys?.  If I could just select the group of programs that I have to use in this project and set them all to have a common open/save-in path until they are all closed, that is really all i need.  I would not want to have to pick from a long list, I can do that by clicking back up the path and then back down again.  It is more the annoyance that I always assume I am where I thought I was.  And it seems every single windows utility does this.  Saving a weblink to saving a downloaded image to uploading a file to Saving in Paint.  Etc.  They all seem to hang on tot he last place they were used and have no way to make a single change affect them all. 
But I would d not want to undo whatever is set fr application I don't use in this procedure.  It is just a certain subset of applications that I have to do it to.  It is just an annoyance not a major thing.

found your favorite FlashFolders and will try it as well as Listary and the ahk script that Rhory wrote.  Thanks SKwire

If I could just select the group of programs that I have to use in this project and set them all to have a common open/save-in path until they are all closed, that is really all i need.-questorfla (October 16, 2014, 09:27 AM)
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It just doesn't work this way in Windows.  There's no common API that all apps must use when saving files.  Furthermore, some apps save their last-used info in the registry, others in local INI files.


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