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SoftMaker Office HD, the only complete Office for Android tablets, free beta rev

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SoftMaker Office HD is available as a free beta for a few days, and since I test it intensely.

You get informations and the free beta here:

My impressions are quite enthusiastic, you get the full range of features of a desktop Office for your Android tablet for the first time ever.

I worked on my thesis on the go and designed a flyer with TextMaker HD, I worked on several xlsx Excel sheets with PlanMaker HD and created pivot tables and dynamic 3D charts, and I prepared a presentation with Presentations HD including tables, graphics, charts, bullets, sound, animations and file transitions - all of that worked great.

It's free guys, get it for testing. If you use a 10 inch tablet with a bluetooth keyboard and SoftMaker Office HD you can replace your notebook completely regarding productivity.

What is the criteria for saying that it's the only complete office suite for android tablets?

All previously available office suites for Android have only basic features, more or less they are merely stripped down viewing tools. SoftMaker Office HD is the only office suite on the market with the same scope of features as a desktop Office. Everything you previously could do only on the PC or notebook can also be done by tablet now.

What is the criteria for saying that it's the only complete office suite for android tablets?
-wraith808 (October 16, 2014, 10:25 AM)
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Judging from his posting history, I'd say it's the fact that CoolCat26 works for (or is otherwise paid by) SoftMaker. There's nothing wrong with promoting your software here, but pretending to be a customer off the street when you're an insider is a lie IMO.

For anyone who doesn't feel like doing the legwork themselves, I'll just post it here.

OpenOffice is horrible when it comes to interoperability with MS Office, LibreOffice not much better, both are hungry for resources and slow.

Check out SoftMaker FreeOffice which shows a very good compatibilty to MSO, further, it installs quicker, takes up less hard drive space, and opens faster than the other ones mentioned.

Give it a try, it's free:
-CoolCat26 (April 24, 2013, 05:05 AM)
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Untill December 24 SoftMaker runs a charity campaign:

They give away a complete office suite including word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation-graphics program at no charge.

Good enough. But even better: for each free download they donate 10 Euro cents to charity projects.

Everyone can monitor how much downloads created how much money and where it flows,

check it out and share this information, I think it's a great thing:
-CoolCat26 (December 17, 2012, 03:57 AM)
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^I noticed that.
FWIW, I think it could also be just straight-forward enthusiasm.

@CoolCat26 either way is actually fine:
if you are associated with the company though, it is expected that you state that (and here, that's no disadvantage, the opposite often).
But, as you can see -
if you only post about one app in your first few posts in a forum, it, eh, creates the wrong impression...

PS are you going to write us a mini-review then ? :D

Unnecessary Disclaimer: I'm a happy Softmaker Office user (but only on Windows)


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