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OK, it that case its not working? Sorry

Wizard_not, could you just create a sample of the new file structure somewhere and then make a zip file that contains that sample, then when you need it somewhere you can copy that zip file to your target folder and do an "unzip here"? That's not quite a one-click operation, but it might be just two or three.

Which OS are you running?

In the meantime, please do the following:

1) Create a root test folder: c:\test
2) Within that root folder, create another folder named tmp, e.g., c:\test\tmp
3) Within that root folder, create a test filed named test.txt, e.g., c:\test\test.file
4) In the list.txt file where you have FF2CB installed, add these two lines and save it:


5) Run the FF2CB.exe file and press Ctrl+K (unless you've changed the hotkey).
6) Attempt to paste into another folder using the standard Ctrl+V hotkey.

If that doesn't work, close down FF2CB from the tray menu, try running it with administrator rights, and repeat the Ctrl+K/Ctrl+V steps.  Let me know how it goes.


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