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License Key


The license key will NOT paste into the program.  How do I proceed?

which program are you utilizing?

Sorry, the program is Screenshot Captor.

Just to clear the obvious out of the way - I presume this is what you attempted:

Instructions for using this license key:

* Select and copy (Ctrl+C) the multi-line license key above
* Open the "About Box" in the program of ours that you want to register (from menu choose Help->About) [or access via tray-icon context menu]
* Click the "Enter New License Key" button
* Paste this text it into the application and Click "Accept" [paste via Ctrl+V, or via button]
* You can check or change your license status at any time from this About box
--- End quote ---

I notice in that "Enter New License Key" dialog, you can also load it from a file - you could try that as a workaround:
create a text file with a .dat extension, and paste your license into it. Browse to the file from the "Enter New License Key" dialog. (Note: my license starts with *r1; and is paragraph length.)

i need regutilities licence ey


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