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driveless cars

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Driving around in your Apple iPod doesn't sound that great these come with a lot of iPadding.  :D

A lot of people get sick very quick when their eyes don't see the movement their brains are Apple is actually bad for the general well-being of people. ;-)

Put another way, we somehow tolerate bad engineering when it's "just a computer", but the car companies *have* had about 100 years to "sorta" get their basic old style production in line, especially after the Japanese boot to the head in the 70's.

But with our new urge to super-computerize everything, if you have seven seconds not to commit involuntary child-slaughter to a bus full of fifth graders, suddenly these little gaps become less forgiving!!

I can remember hating the super dark tinted glass windshields because I couldn't see where the oncoming driver was looking at intersections.  Now I'll have to wonder if anyone is even in the vehicle.

If the car could go off by itself and come back with a cold 4 pack I know some guys who would figure out a way to buy it somehow.  :)

It's fiction, but it feels like it fits:

From an Episode of House MD (S07 Ep13)

"Check your surroundings for safety"!?

Granted, it was from a very strange episode that had multiple layers of lies as the plot, but I can see it eventually happening...


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