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driveless cars

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the technology is here: we have developed driveless cars that you just enter the car, say where you want to go and it goes you there, without you having to do anything at all

but why such a revolutionary technology isn't yet on the streets?

experts say that it's because there is a legal gap about who to blaim when something goes wrong, in an accident for example: blame the user? the manufacturer? what?

well, in my opinion this is non-sense

with driveless technology, imagine how many accidents will be prevented (huge cost impact) and how many lifes will be saved (priceless)! and imagine how much time we will save from our lives! numerous hours of driving, stucking in traffic, etc!

so if driveless technology will give us all these, let's make a global referendum if we want it or not! and then, let the government decide who to blame in case of an accident, it's not big deal if accidents will diminish!

what are your thoughts of these?
imagine you will work on your laptop during your travel from home to work! or you can sleep! and imagine the deaths and injuries that will be prevented!
let go driveless asap!

Stoic Joker:
let the government decide who to blame in case of an accident, it's not big deal if accidents will diminish!
-kalos (October 14, 2014, 04:54 AM)
--- End quote ---

...And somebody goes to prison for life because their car decided to divide by zero and the manufacturer - as is the norm - had much better lawyers ... Oh hell no. The government is not to be trusted with anything of that magnitude.

Not to mention I seriously doubt accidents will be diminishing during the initial Beta phase death toll wise. They'll more like be twice as horrific when a system glitch creates a huge pile of oops.

Massachusetts, especially Boston, has been known for having driverless cars for decades.  It only takes one circuit of Boston Common to verify this.  :)

Blue windscreen of death... :o

what are the statistics to get a BSOD in a driveless car and what are the statistics of all those numerous reckless drivers to cause an incidence?


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