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Prevent some browsers executions

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I have found the way to protect with password any script.
But I would like to have control over the main browsers executables.


1. How can assign to execute any url with the password protected script ?
2. How can i hide the main browsers executable to prevent accidental execution ?

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What does "accidental execution" mean exactly?

I don't understand what you are trying t accomplish.

There is always 'secpol.msc' where you can create software policy rules that can prevent the execution of any *.exe.

If the above terms don't mean anything to you or are not sure about, then you shouldn't attempt the above. At least not without getting to know what policies are and how they can affect the functionality of your Windows installation. It's easy to make a mess there.

I haven't messed around much with policies. But I do have a link with some Registry Tweaks for those who have a Windows version lacking a group polocy editor.

Don't ask me how to use it.  I saw it mentioned and it looked like a good link to save.  :)

Of course if you don't want anyone launching links you could take the quick and dirty approach of setting a default browser, say firefox.exe, then renaming the file to FFox.exe.

But then it's likely the Open With dialog would pop up anyway.


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