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Space Engineers 4-pack

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Hi Folks,

Space Engineers had a free trial this weekend and it turns out it's pretty fun even though it's an Early Access game. I'm organizing a 4-pack purchase. I already have 3, so we just need one more to join us. It's currently on sale for about the next 16 hours, so we're hoping to get it purchased before then.

Any takers? Taken!

I'm in on this, and after playing for a good few hours over this weekend (It was free weekend on it) I HIGHLY recommend it to you all and demand you join us and come build some awesome stuff!  :D :D :D :D :D

I was trying to capture a screenshot of a huge asteroid drilling machine that I built to mine an entire asteroid at once, and I accidentally pressed the "record a video" button. Oops! But 2.5 GB later, I decided to upload it to YouTube to show it off to a couple of people.

I'll probably delete it later, but for now, anyone interested can watch it.

Please note that this video isn't catchy or interesting if you have no idea about how the game works. I didn't intend to record it, so I was just messing around. I wasn't trying to impress or show off cool things. I was just exploring options and trying to figure out how things work.

Deo has a love for building HUGE machines lol

Got the 4-pack. Thanks!


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