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Launch everything within a folder

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Launch everything within a folder

Do you know an application to launch any url contained in a selected folder, subfolders, programs inside that folder......

If several urls able to open the urls in tabs....

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Isn't that a standard feature of FireFox? In the Favorites menu (possibly right-click, on a tablet atm, can't check now)

Or waterfox by grouping of bookmarks. But I need in general and with Chrome now.

When you say "Launch all urls contained in folder or subfolders" do you mean files with .url extension?  If so you can recursively copy every file in a folder tree to another folder using rcopy.  If you copy them to an empty folder named URLS under UrlPack(which is created the first time you run UrlPack,) then you can use UrlPack to launch them all.

You may download both from

Please read the readme.txt files included in the downloads for usage.

As example of rcopy command line, make sure rcopy is in a folder in your Path.  CD to the top of the folder tree with the urls in a command prompt.  Assuming the URLS folder is in C:\Utils\UrlPack\URLS
rcopy *.url C:\Utils\UrlPack\URLS

Edit:  Using a batch file you could delete all *.url files in the URLS folder, run rcopy then run UrlPack.  UlPack is single instance so it shouldn't matter if it is already running.

You could pass the root folder to the batch file and put a shortcut in SendTo.  Then you could just right click the folder and run your batch from SendTo menu.

Edit2:  Just use "%1" in the batch file to substitute the source folder path.

Running to try.
Seems a little bit complicated but i can try


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