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Can anyone recommend a file compare utility that does a good job comparing the contents of similar excel documents?  I recently have had a hard time sorting different versions of files i used to edit and keep on different computers.
I did try a couple programs but found Beyond Compare and some other program did not do a good job with this.  There was one program I had tried a while ago and found it did a decent job, but I can't seem to remember it now :(
Help, from anyone with experience with this?

i know there definitely are some dedicated excel and word comparison programs, but i have no experience with them.. i would definitely like to hear if you find a reasonable one though, for future reference.

I use "Excel Compare" ($34.99 at, which I have found to be very robust. PUP 6 ($39.99 at offers a similar feature, though it is not quite so robust, particularly in the level of detail and the way which it formats reports...

The same company has AFC, for $10, and it looks pretty good.
It has syntax highlighting
it shows the directory and file comparison windows at the same time
has in place editing.

I have not tested it, because vim does all that and more for free (vimdiff!), but of course I'd not recommend people to start messing with vim (although this one thing is ultra easy) if they need file comparison. Plus vim it doesn't do directory comparison (that I can think of!).

hmm, that post would be better placed in the file comparion thread, since it doesn't deal with excel. Oh well...


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