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Right click Hyper link in email text and have option to send shortcut to desktop


Outlook 11 windows 8.1 if it matters.
This sounded so easy i told my wife she should be able to do it. BUT I would gladly do it for her.

Then, I tried.  :-[    I found that  there seems to be a total disconnect in the right click context menu when using Outlook.  Nothing I could find and no research I could do seemed to touch anywhere near the problem.  Yet this seems like a useful tool.  If you have the email with the note saying "Click for Free Daily What-zit" link in an email why can't you just right click and choose to send it to your desktop as a shortcut named "Click Here for Free Daily What-Zit?"  No big deal, just send the shortcut to the desktop from the email

Sure, you can go through all the copy hyper-link, create shortcut on desktop , paste in the hyper link and STILL have to go back and copy the name "Free Daily What-Zit" as well for the shortcut and maybe 5 minutes later you get what should have been a single right click and done job.

Hated to admit defeat to the wife but I am hoping someone here might have the answer before i face her in the am :)
PS:  Tried quicksteps too but they were worthless.
Help! :tellme:

Outlook has a COM interface, so it would be possible to some extent, but as for adding a legitimate context item, I couldn't tell you. I could make an alternative though.. If you can right-click > copy link to clipboard (I don't use Outlook so not sure if that's in there), you could use the following, written in AHK:

--- ---#c::IniWrite,% clipboard,% a_desktop "\" a_now ".url",InternetShortcut,URL ; WinKey + ca_now would be better suited to be a regex statement to grab the name from the url, but I don't know regex. You could also prompt the user for a name or something.

My guess is they don't bother to add another interface since you can open in a new window or tab, then drag from the addressbar to desktop.  I think there was a Firefox AddOn called DeskCuts or something.

I'm not sure how old it is or if it still works:

You might try this script, it's written in Autohotkey so you may need to look at a tutorial in their site but should work.

--- ---copyText()
  oldClip := clipboard
  newClip :=
  clipboard :=
  Send, {ctrl down}
  Sleep, 10
  Send, {c down}
  Sleep, 10
  Send, {c up}
  Sleep, 10
  Send, {ctrl up}
  clipWait, .01
  if ErrorLevel ; If the first copy failed do it again
    Send, {ctrl down}
    Sleep, 10
    Send, {c down}
    Sleep, 10
    Send, {c up}
    Sleep, 10
    Send, {ctrl up}
  newClip := clipboard
  clipboard := oldClip
  ; Release duplicate clipboard content from memory, could have large file in clipboard
  VarSetCapacity(oldClip, 0)
  return newClip

#IfWinActive ahk_class Net UI Tool Window
Send s
linkText := copyText()
currentEmailText := ComObjActive("Outlook.Application").ActiveExplorer().Selection.Item(1).body
regexMatchText := "(?<=" . linkText . "\s<)[^>]*"
RegExMatch(currentEmailText, regexMatchText, selectedOutlookLink)
FileCreateShortcut, %selectedOutlookLink%, %A_Desktop%\test.lnk
To use it rightclick on on the link then rightclick again, it doesn't create a new context menu item but works for me on Windows 7 and outlook 2013.


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