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Animator vs Animation - one of the best flash animations i've seen in years.

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nudone: there is a genre.
Probably started by two people. One is a man known as Xiao Xiao. A collection of his animations can be found here:
The other would be the original Stick Death webpage. Warning: Very graphic (for stick figures, that is...):
and a whole collection of stick figure games and videos here:

thanks for that, Edvard.

i shall investigate those links.  :Thmbsup:

still going through the links - the one on called 'tax time' made me laugh.

the .gif file i provided above still feels to me like it's a few levels above everything else - animation wise. i'd love to know the origins of it.

Well if I knew you liked that sort of stuff I would have sent a lot more. ;D
I usually scan web sites find lots of cool stuff dump it to my desktop, and when I am bored I (usually) come back too it. & have a lot nice freeware and usefull info.
I am checking there sites quit often. And has many excellent programs including Mouser's apps. I have been to this site a lot as well

Want more links I have enough to keep you busy for a while :Thmbsup:

This animation is cool had to upload it


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