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NANY 2015 RELEASE: Link Warlock

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NANY 2015 Entry Information
Application NameLink WarlockVersion1.1.0 build 1Short DescriptionAllows you to store entries in xml files to open and launch as needed with searching.Supported OSesWindows 7+Web PageLink WarlockDownload LinkLink WarlockSystem Requirements
* .NET Framework 4.5
* Obviously a computer...Version History"1.x.x"
* 1.1.0 build 1 - Current Release
* 1.0.0 build 1
"0.11.x ALPHA"
* 0.11.6 build 2014
* 0.11.5 build 2014
* 0.11.4 build 2014
"0.10.x ALPHA"
* 0.10.6 build 2014 - First Public Release
Allows you to store entries in xml files to open and launch as needed with searching and other features.

Features (in no particular order)

* Built-In toggle to show window always on top or not.
* Customizable browser path, file launcher, and search url for searchwords.
* Customizable default group names for new/imported entries.
* Display/Hide parts of the interface you want/don't want to show.
* Display/Hide selected columns as well as even hiding the column headers all together.
* Each entry may have short notes added or none at all totally up to you.
* Enter group names as appropriate for each entry if you don't want the default group names to be used.
* Importation of plain text files with 1 entry per line and possible more import features will be implemented later down the road.
* List header goes based on filename with smart capitalization and removal of underscores for spaces.
* Move entries to a new group while holding the shift key and left clicking a entry and dropping over any entry in another group for automatic sort.
* Nice tool tips shown when hovering over the group name as well as entry information for each column.
* Search entries, notes, or just search both entries and notes at the same time.
* Text drag and drop with the option to toggle the showing of the dialog.

The main screen...
NANY 2015 RELEASE: Link Warlock

The launch/default group names setup dialog...
NANY 2015 RELEASE: Link Warlock


Extract to any portable directory location and run.

Using the Application
Add urls, searchwords and/or file locations to the list, then click to launch.
Note: Can use <appdir> for macro for file location and a few others to be revealed later.

Delete the Link Warlock files.

Known Issues
Scrollbar doesn't scroll to get to hidden entries while moving entries.

Inspired by...

Download link at top of topic as well.

Bump! Any testers?

Don't have any more suggestions since I've been submitting them to you privately but just wanted to say I think this is a great app for anyone who keeps lists of urls/files to visit periodically.  :up:

I really need to download .NET 4.5 (for this and SlackyApp)

Add URLs by drag-n-drop?


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