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Folder location



Up front, I know it is set in configdir.ini
That said, I wonder, why folder location isn't in the settings, under options?

Maybe also what is in ConfigDir_Default.ini, like

When being 'set' there (=under options), those settings are then written to the ClipboardHelpAndSpell.ini

Or am I saying something weird here ..  :)


In general the program needs to know BEFORE it loads its settings, where its settings should be.  That's why to change settings location you have to edit the ConfigDir.ini file.
Of course I could allow an entirely separate location for clip database that could be put in settings but i thought they should probably be in same place as settings file.

Eh ...? 
Usually the settings are a one-off thing, i.e. when the settings are done from the CHS UI and written to the ini files,
at the next startup CHS will read the ini settings.
Or do I misunderstand you..?
I have some other portable tools with .ini settings, but the ini's are updated / saved from within the application.


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