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Looking for a EXTREMELY basic Multi Clipboard software

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Hi forum,

since ArsClip has evolved into a piece of bloatware of unimaginable proportions, and Ditto inexplicably seems to be unable to select list entries on a single click  :down: -- are there any other Multi Clipboard tools that simply can do the following:

- provide a history of clipboard entries after clicking on the tray icon
- put the respective entry on the clipboard on SINGLE click
- provides a custom hotkey for "Paste as Unformatted Text"
- is compatible with mulitple monitors (i.e. don't pop up on the first monitor when the tray is on the second)

Thanks heaps already

Cheers David.P

Please, for the love of god, thor, satan whatever, change your avatar. I can't look at the screen long enough to read your post, even though I'm always all ears for a light weight clipboard software.

I might change it if you're not ears but mouth for a light weight clipboard software.

It's not extremely basic, but have you tried my Clipboard Help+Spell program:

I think it can do all of those items -- if not, let me know what you need that it doesn't do.

Light weight, portable and works well


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