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Looking for a EXTREMELY basic Multi Clipboard software

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Now if I can just get Mouser to trim down the quick popup list
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you can control how many items appear in that list.

I'm still using the one mentioned by kunkel321 (although abandoned).

> ArsClip bloated?  When its .exe is under 4 MB?

While this probably is good programming, it has tons of features and settings that I don't need,-David.P (October 06, 2014, 03:06 PM)
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I'm surprised, because I've always felt that ArsClip hits the sweet spot.  Basic features are quick, easy and fuss-free.  The many advanced features, critically, don't get in the way of the basic ones.  Indeed, you have to go looking for them, and I've even wondered if advanced features are too well hidden.

and OTOH it is not able to simply show a no frills popup next to its own tray icon, but instead puts its window all over the place on my triple monitors  :(-David.P (October 06, 2014, 03:06 PM)
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Hovering over the tray icon shows an abbreviated copy of the current clip, as does the Clipboard Bar if enabled.  I agree that I would prefer popup location to be predictable, as I find its jumping about seemingly at random disconcerting.  The location of the Clipboard Bar can be fixed and I would like that extended to the popup.

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Oh  :o  Delving into Configuration, I find various settings I didn't know about that may help fix the popup location.  Viz.:
Configuration > Popup Hotkeys > Alternatives > Mouse
Show Popup ...
[X] when mouse button is held Right Click / Middle Click / Left + Right Click
Short Delay ----X---- Long Delay
The [Per-Program Options] can override this setting.
This appears to popup where the cursor is.

Configuration > Popup Hotkeys > Alternatives > System Tray Icon
Show Popup ...
[ ] on foreground window when icon double clicked
[ ] on foreground window when icon single clicked
[X] on icon when double clicked
[ ] on icon when single clicked
This appears to popup above the tray icon.

Configuration > Popup > Behaviour > Screen Position:
Display Method
[X] Automatic (Recommended)
The popup is shown as dose to the pasting location as possible.
[ ] Mouse Cursor
The popup is shown near the mouse cursor.
[ ] Program Corner
The popup is shown near the corner of the foreground program.
You might prefer the last option.

BTW, if you go with CLCL, don't overlook earlier DC postings.  In particular, lanux128's post Re: Must-have apps in the System tray? points to AbteriX's two threads giving a tutorial, and compilation of reviews, on CLCL.  They too are on DC.

I find sometimes certain clipboard managers give me problems, such as freezing, etc.  I have lots of 3rd party utilities running in the background, so I assume there's sometimes a conflict.  ArsClip was one of these.-kunkel321 (October 06, 2014, 03:53 PM)
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In earlier versions of Windows the clipboard chain sometimes broke, but I wouldn't blame the clipboard manager for that.  I haven't had any problems with clipboard managers in Vista.  The only other conflict I've seen is with some versions of Typing Assistant, a text expander that appears to work solely through the clipboard, but they seem to have cured that problem with the very latest full release  (6.1).


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