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Who is your Favourite "Doctor"?

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For me, though, my favorite doctor is David Tennant.
-Innuendo (October 19, 2014, 10:45 AM)
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It's almost impossible to pick 1. I've not seen a Doctor that I didn't like.

Nobody has voted for Matt Smith or Peter Davidson, but I really liked them as well.
-Renegade (October 19, 2014, 11:06 AM)
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I voted for Matt Smith in that I couldn't decide between him and tennant so didn't vote.

I'm guessing here, but knowing Peter Capaldi to be a good actor before, I suspect that his performance as liaison for an Alien race in Torchwood cemented the deal of him becoming the Doctor.

Another BTW, technically Capaldi will be the last ever Doctor unless he starts using the Master's methods of regeneration or they find another way of getting around it.

P.S. Roger Delgado was the best Master ;)

P.S. Roger Delgado was the best Master
-4wd (October 19, 2014, 04:51 PM)
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+1  He was a heavy with style.

To throw an unofficial Doctor in here: Joanna Lumley (from "Curse Of Fatal Death").

Favourite companion: Leela (sexy, feisty and dumb - for the time).

Favourite villain (there can only be one): The original The Master - "You will obey me. You WILL obey me. You WILL obey ME."

Favourite official doctor: Troughton, followed by Smith and McCoy, then Hartnell.

Least favourite: Colin Baker, then Davison.

Of the "modern" era: Ecclestone was okay; Tennant started good but the stories descended into the maudlin (his farewell, in particular); Smith re-injected zanieness(?); and I have high hopes for Capaldi.

I've been watching since the start, by the way. We are all children of our time.


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