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Who is your Favourite "Doctor"?

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Jon Pertwee for me.

BTW, if you're going to have Paul McGann in the list, you need to include John Hurt.
-4wd (October 18, 2014, 01:54 AM)
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I just took the main series Doctors from here:

I didn't consider the others as I didn't figure anyone would bother there.

But, there are quite a few others as well. The list really would have been toooo long. -Renegade (October 18, 2014, 02:23 AM)
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John Hurt is the only other person who portrayed The Doctor, (in the series), and as such is probably more valid as an entrant than Paul McGann.

The only other person who portrayed The Doctor that I'm aware of is Peter Cushing - that was for two films.

So your list is only short by two names.
-4wd (October 18, 2014, 04:06 AM)
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Someone knows the Doctor Who universe much better than I do! :)

Well, it's a bit late now. But hey, I learned a couple things, so not a total write-off!

Christopher Eccleston for me, although Peter Capaldi does a good job. Admittedly, I don't know the first seven Doctors, I started with the "movie".
Smith and Tennant seem to be "female-supported" Doctors, preferred by girls because they're, optically, handsome. I guess that doesn't fit what Doctor Who is about. It's not "Sherlock"!

(Do the non-canonical Doctors count? There was a Rowan Atkinson one...)

From 1:06:43 of Doctor Who 2005 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor:

Originally Aired: November 23, 2013

Peter Capaldi was lined up a long time ago.

Episode included John Hurt as the "War Doctor".

Damn... good ep!  :Thmbsup:

"Circles!!!' What a great hat tip!  :Thmbsup: And such a brilliant ending! Love the curator! (No spoilers for those that haven't seen it!)

Peter Capaldi was lined up a long time ago.-Renegade (October 18, 2014, 10:49 AM)
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He was lined up long before anyone knew there was going to be a next doctor. In one of the Doctor Who specials that aired on BBC America it was also revealed that it was decided the role was going to be offered to him even before he came in to audition. The story goes that he came in to audition only because he grew up watching the show & loving it as a kid. He figured they were going younger and younger with the Doctors in the new series so he thought he didn't have a chance.

He even told the producers that and they had to struggle to keep straight faces. :)

For me, though, my favorite doctor is David Tennant. I didn't really care for him at first, but warmed to him slowly. It wasn't until the Human Nature/Family of Blood two-part episodes that really cemented it for me, though. Tennant brilliantly conveyed that the Doctor, while usually quite eccentric and carefree, could also be as cold and deliberately cruel as needed in order to stop a threat. Those episodes really added a new layer and dimension to the Doctor for me. More accurately, the last few minutes of the second episode did.

It showed that if you really get him mad, he will finish you and not in a merciful way.

For me, though, my favorite doctor is David Tennant.
-Innuendo (October 19, 2014, 10:45 AM)
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It's almost impossible to pick 1. I've not seen a Doctor that I didn't like.

Nobody has voted for Matt Smith or Peter Davidson, but I really liked them as well.


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