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Who is your Favourite "Doctor"?

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So, who is your favourite Doctor?

I'm firmly in this camp:

Don't click until you've voted!Tom Baker

If you don't understand the question, please crawl out from under your rock. :P


My Non-VoteTom Baker of the old school... but I didn't vote because David Tennant and Matt Smith firmly won me over.

"Who is the doctor?"

SpoilerDavid Tennant was my vote.   And if you like the "captain Jack" companion, watch a show called: Torchwood (if you haven't done that already). First 3 seasons of that show were made without US influence, its last season did. Except for the love scenes, a nice watch.

"You may be a doctor. But I'm THE Doctor. The definite article, you might say."- Tom Baker

need i say more? 8)

Spoilerthe one and only - Tom Baker!


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