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Question about "Add note" to right-click CHS tray menu

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Hi Mouser

[Feature] Added "Add note" to right-click CHS tray menu.

Cud you enlighten this a bit?

I assumed..(!) only that the working procedure would be something like:
select text
ctrl-c (send to clipboard)
rightclick taskbar item
Add to note clip

Then the copied text would show up there.
With me the box remains empty.

But then again, I am just guessing!

oh, maybe as a further enhancement: (if the text is from a website) the source url is -optionally- added.

a little later... just think of it:
when it is from a website, then add an option to automatically save / add it to a folder named after the domainname?
and website title page?


The Add Note feature is something that has always been in CHS, it's just normally triggered with a hotkey (see hotkey tab).
It's a way to quickly add a hand written note to the database to the group of your choice.
So you're not meant to use the clipboard at all in such a case.

@ dcwul62: I am unsure whether you already know this, but with CHS you don't really need to collect clips into a folder the way you seem to be suggesting.
When you make a clip from a website, the metadata that CHS captures with it (optionally) includes the URL, which it writes into the "Notes" field (is actually the Description field) in the CHS main display pane. You can thus at any time create an SQL search filter for any specific string in the URL. So you could filter all the clips from a specified domain, then export all the clips, or merge them into one clip and export that.
In the example below, I just now created an SQL filter for the domain "", which instantly displays all the clips from that domain that are in my CHS clip database:

Question about "Add note" to right-click CHS tray menu

Is that the sort of thing you might be able to use?

And don't forget you can also use the quick search box at the top to filter the clips you want and then drag and drop them into a different group.

In fact you've given me a good great idea to make a new item in the right-click grid menu to help you to make a new VIRTUAL FOLDER group with just the searched for clips -- i think that will help people use the virtual folder idea.  Working on that now..

The conclusion is that CHS is an amazing tool, it really is. </random praise>


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