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You kindly helped me to relocate the directory for CHS to a non-synced location on this recent post:;u=465030;sa=showPosts

I'm trying to do the same now for Screenshot Captor. But the .ini file for that doesn't seem to contain the line "// CONFIGDIR = %MYDOCUMENTS%" - or any line containing the search term CONFIG.

Am I on the wrong track? Could you please help me?

Copy of .ini attached.


look for a file called "ConfigDir.ini" and if it is not there then open the file called "ConfigDir_Sample.ini". before editing this file, it is best you exit Screenshot Captor. after making the changes that you wanted, save the file as "ConfigDir.ini" and start Screenshot Captor.

in any case, i am attaching a sample. take a look and modify it to suit your needs.

Thanks for this, lanux128.

I can't find a file of that name for Screenshot Captor. I've attached a screenshot of the folder.


The ConfigDir.ini would be in the folder where ScreenshotCaptor.exe is installed. the default installation path will be either in "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)".

Wow! What a stupid mistake I was making there! Thanks - that put me back on track.
Sorted now.


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