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Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled

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hi Cuffy, if you dont want to post a screenshot, that's fine by me (honestly).
As others say though, it can be helpful, there could be something there you missed, or didnt think about.
Also, from a lazy pov, it's much easier to see something than to get something described. I help people over the phone occasionally, which is a nightmare because people dont know how to describe stuff. You seem to have done a pretty good job of that, and it is possible that a screenshot doesnt help at all beyond confirming your description, but here, people are usually able and willing to post a screenshot.

If you don't know the answer: don't reply  :-[
Thanks anyway  :D
-Cuffy (October 03, 2014, 08:36 PM)
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the smileys do soften that a bit, but [1] this is dc, if you're really looking for no answers except the right one, I dunno what forum I'd recommend.. and [2] this is me - I'm no expert, and sometimes my posts just take up space - but I also often notice things, and remember things, that others initially do not, so whether I can initially help directly or not is moot to me. So I'll ignore that and give it a :down:

Finally, does stoickjokers suggestion about sorting help?

Finally, does stoickjokers suggestion about sorting help?
-tomos (October 04, 2014, 02:35 AM)
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Indeed, my thought was initially sorted by last modified date. Look on the View menu, there are options. Including to hide empty drives (like a DVD drive) most likely. (Although this is straight 8, not 10.)

Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled

My, My....... lots of activity here this morning.
While I'm re-installing the Win10 preview I'll try to respond to each post.
I'll respond LIFO so........

x16wda, to my knowledge, the Navigation Pane (see title of the thread above) is not sortable by the user. If you have knowledge to the contrary please advise where I might find that option. In the meantime please review my post #5 quoted below.

Thanks for the reply

Re: Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled

« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2014, 05:58:20 PM »
SFC just finished on the Win10 install. Found corrupt files and some could not be repaired.
Running the setup file again for an install over the top. Might work  huh
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Finally, does stoickjokers suggestion about sorting help?
-tomos (October 04, 2014, 02:35 AM)
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Tomas, I appreciate your efforts, I really do! But I think you missed my reply #5 quoted in the previous post.
And I would really like to know where I might find the option to sort the Navigation Pane???
Not the Details nor Preview Panes, just the Navigation Pane please!
(see reply #5 again please) Since System File Checker found corrupt files, some that it couldn't repair, do you really believe that a screenshot will aid in the solution???

Chances are you have one of the many organize/view settings set to sort the drives by free/used space, or drive size. Which is usually easy to spot in a screen shot.

Personally I have a standing request for all clients to send a SS of any and all error messages they get for an issue, as frequently the type of window will tell you more about an issue than the poorly worded error message. Not to mention that users never read the entire message, or pay attention to the caption bar text.

So Yeah...a picture really does paint - or save the exchange of - 1,000 words.
-Stoic Joker (October 03, 2014, 10:49 PM)
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Thanks for the reply, Stoic Joker, and I agree that users often never read the entire msg but I'm afraid I've never found screenshots to be of much value when troubleshooting. And of course, to get a screenshot off a flawed O/S install is another challenge.
I might also refer you to my reply #5 on this thread, both above and below at this point and ask you that same question I asked Tomas.. screenshots and corrupt files? Not just on a different page but in a completely different book!
And I'm still looking for the option to sort the Navigation Pane. There are sort options all over the page but the one for the Nave Pane eludes me  :huh:


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