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Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled

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This is a new one on me....... my navigation pane in File Explorer:
Can't find any way to sort them correctly  :huh: Disk Management displays all partitions in the correct order so the problem isn't there.
Any ideas  :huh:

What is D: ?
(cd drive?)

D: is just a data drive. The CD drive doesn't appear at all in Navigation pane.
In This PC it's displayed at the top of the list as drive I:
Can't find anything in the Registry either???

give us a screenshot ;-)

give us a screenshot ;-)
-tomos (October 03, 2014, 03:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm confused about the drive letters being out of order and the fact that the DVD drive isn't listed in the Navigation Pane.
I tried to install Avast free. It downloaded something for ten minutes, advised me to close all open files, installed something for another ten minutes, delivered an error msg that I had a compatibility problem, installed an un-installer, and aborted :huh:
I clicked on the shortcut icon for the un-installer and was informed that there was no application associated with the shortcut.
Googled Win10 and A/V. Apparently MS surprised all the antivirus people along with the rest of us and Google found nothing I could use. Hopefully, Windows Defender, installed by default on Win10, will keep us safe until the A/V people catch up  :huh:
A request for a screenshot of an un-alphabetized list of what should be alphabetized list adds more confusion :tellme:
Tomas, what on earth do you think a screenshot will accomplish??????
An alphabetized list should be in alphabetical order. It ain't  :(  Nuff said :-[
I'm sure I can come up with a screenshot of that nav pane if you can explain why you need it  :huh:
Fair enough?????


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