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Automated web launcher

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Do you know about a specific program to control the webs i want to launch everyday ?

By example :
Launch several webs on tuesday
launch several webs when I open the browser on tuesday
launch several webs whtn i open the browser at hour 09.00 or after and before 12.00 hours on tuesday
launch predefined webs if i open the browser the first week of january
etc etc

Is it possible ?

Best Regards

I use Morning Coffee with FireFox.  I click on the button to open URLs I want to see on that particular day of the week - links for Friday are different than those on Thursday, etc. It works really well, easy to use.
However, it doesn't offer the granularity you're looking for.  You can't specify time of day, nor day of the year - only Sunday through Saturday.

You can make as many Tab Groups as you want with Tab Grenade

Unfortunately you cannot name the groups.  The Tab Grenade tab shows them with the number of tabs in each and when the tab group was created.  The other minor quibble is if you press the Tab Grenade Button it creates a tab group even if only one tab is showing.  I feel the need to delete this before selecting the tab group I want to open.  Otherwise I end up with a bunch of singletons down the page.

It is simple and fun to use though.  I use it on Cyberfox all the time.

Edit:  If the Tab Groups could be named then of course you could name them when you want to open them.  Not totally automatic but if you know you are going to use a FF based browser anyway it would be pretty close.  Perhaps you should request the author add tab group naming.  It seems a logical enhancement.

@AT Morning Coffee looks interesting also.  I like that single tabs may be added to existing groups.  Tab Grenade basically just gathers the tab set even if a singleton.

I would an independent solution from the browsers. Use with any browser. Not only one.

And more powerful.
I think a complicated bat can make this, and even with the scheduler of windows....

Exist a more general software for this purpose and oriented to this target ?

Best Regards

The difficult part is the requirement to detect any browser launch, then check date and time against your rule set.  It would be much easier to run a program that launched any browser you want with the set of urls.

Note that as far as I know IE still has the bug where it will open multiple urls from the command line in multiple windows even if set to open urls in tabs. To get IE to work correctly the program would have to use the IE ActiveXControl.

I know there are some scripts on ahk forum that use it.  Have you taken a look there?


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