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Windows 10 Announced

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Stoic Joker:
Anybody else run into the after WU BSOD Stop Code: WDF Violation?

Apparently it's a - now known - issue with one of the drivers that come with the 10/18 cumulative update.

From command prompt rename [OS Drive Letter]:\Windows\System32\Drivers\HpqKbFiltr.sys to fix

I have not experienced it, and the reason why not seems to be that it is related to HP computers/keyboards:

This HpqKbFiltr.sys file is a keyboard driver and is part of the HP Quick Launch Buttons software that allows you to configure various buttons to launch programs in Windows.

When users attempt to install the KB4462919 update, the HP computer will crash and display an BSOD stating "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart " and a stop code of WDF_VIOLATION as shown below.-
--- End quote ---

Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

Windows 10 users seeing their erroneous product-activation issues resolved

Mine got cleared up this morning.

Windows 10 Announced

Meet the new Microsoft Phone, powered by Android (No Windows required)

Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

Windows-as-a-service fail: Microsoft keeps customers in the dark

Windows 10 Announced

Worst Windows 10 version ever? Microsoft's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad October

Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

Rumour - Windows 10 October 2018 update being re-released tomorrow

 See also:

Windows 10 October 2018 update might show up tomorrow Patch Tuesday November 13th 2018


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