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Windows 10 Announced

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Looking at some of the comments in this thread, I would recommend trying out Windows Update MiniTool - Alternative To Windows Update In Windows 10
It does rather put the user back in the driving seat on the updates front. Seems to be very stable and problem-free - though I'm expecting Microsoft to inject some virulent antibodies to try to "fix" that any day now...   ;)

... and it wouldn't let me give it a window of more than 12 hours, ...-wraith808 (October 02, 2016, 06:34 PM)
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Yeah, annoyed me too but it did say that it will check to see if the computer is being used if outside that 12 hour window.

Then, when it started, it had removed/blocked my displayfusion.  And put up some BS FUD about it might damage my computer.
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I didn't get that, DF continued to work without a problem, ClassicShell upgraded itself to cope with the new updates.
-4wd (October 02, 2016, 07:22 PM)
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I was actually able to get it to run.  And the thing that bothered me about the check for activity, is that it takes 90 mins+ to install.  Just because I went upstairs to get coffee, I wouldn't be ready to install.

And they installed skype, and made it front and center.
-wraith808 (October 02, 2016, 07:40 PM)
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And I went upstairs to do some random stuff... and came back downstairs and it had restarted.  I just want active hours to be 8AM to 12AM.  Is that so unreasonable?

Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

Behold! the latest incarnation of Win 10.

Windows 10 Announced

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build 14946 Hits Fast Ring With Customizable Touchpad Gestures

food for thought...

You could therefore consider Home and Pro users of Windows 10 beta testers as well to a degree. All those systems report back to Microsoft, and the company may use the information to make sure to fix them before they hit the bulk of the company's valuable Enterprise customers.
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Are all non-Enterprise Windows 10 users beta testers? - gHacks Tech News

Arizona Hot:
When trying to update MediaInfo from 0.7.61 to 0.7.89 today, the update had problems and I had to reinstall the previous version I had. Has anyone here had this problem? 0.7.89 is the latest version and the installer could do both 32-bit and 64-bit installs. I was installing on my 32-bit machine. I tried to install on my 64-bit machine with the installer from SourceForge and had no problems. I downloaded the SourceForge version on my 32-bit machine and it still had problems so I aborted the install, but when I checked the version it said it was the 0.7.89 version and worked fine.

Windows 10 Announced   Windows 10 Announced   Windows 10 Announced


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