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Windows 10 Announced

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I'm GMT +10 and as yet, all I've got is that the upgrade is "reserved" on the two machines I'm allowing to auto-upgrade, one of which is on 24/7.

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Stoic Joker:
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I'm GMT -5 so it's 11:00pm here and still no joy... So it'll have to be a morning project for me now.

Arizona Hot:
I ran Windows Backup, EaseUS System GoBack, installed the latest Sandboxie version, checked for Malwarebytes updates, backed up my user files to CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and installed 3 Windows Updates. I guess I am ready to  see if the Big Bad Wolf or Little Red Ridinghood shows up tomorrow morning.


Did any Microsoft OS really hum out of the box? I think the only ones I know of are Win2000 and possibly Win98.

I belatedly recall it took years to get XP into the (now legacy) industry defining powerhouse it is/was - something like nothing before Service pack 2 mattered.

I just would have thought that by this point *twenty years later* after Win95 Microsoft would have gotten a few things right!

Arizona Hot:
I wonder what the first Win 10 hack will be? An Adobe Flash Player one?


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