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Windows 10 Announced

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Build 10130 to fast track members

Can anyone who has installed the latest built (or any build after beginning of May really) say if this issue is still there: begin to rename a file (F2 in Explorer) and try to paste some text with a linebreak in the rename inputbox

--- ---test
In the last build I tried Win10 accepted the input, but then on enter press displayed an error popup and reset the rename inputbox to the old name. (A better error handling would be to autoremove the linebreak or inform about it and leave the attempted string and let the user remove it and retry the rename without retyping the whole string.)

I'm on "slow" so build 10074 and it exhibits the behavior you mention.

Also, Ctrl-A doesn't work while renaming [EDIT: ...on the desktop...], which drives me nuts.

Thanks. Boo for Ctrl+A not working in the rename box! When I get around to registrating the Win10 test build I'll try to submit an issue/request about renaming and include that too.

The Ctrl-A issue had been registered several times when I checked - I just added a "me too" to one. I didn't notice until today that it was only on the desktop that it didn't work -- within an explorer window Ctrl-A works fine.


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