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Windows 10 Announced

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Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

It's Patch Tuesday. I survived  the latest Cumulative Update. A Skynet client wasn't installed. Did anyone here get one?

Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

The latest Win 10 Cumulative Update removed the Adobe Flash player, so I converted all the *.swf files I wanted to keep using into .exes using the site linked to below.

Unlimited SWF, Flash to EXE - Chrome

Arizona Hot:
Windows 10 Announced

There are some nice panoramas here as .swf files that I converted for use after the latest Update using the site in the last post.

360 degree panoramas of Southwest USA

Arizona Hot:

Fix Windows 10 Stuck in Tablet Mode

Yesterday I found out about desktop mode and tablet mode and used the procedure in the video above to fix the problem in Reply#1200. After some re-arranging I now have the desktop in the picture below reliably.

Windows 10 Announced

I had an old Pentium I computer with a combo modem/soundcard that had issues staying connected to the internet when a system sound played (system would lock up just long enough to kick me offline), unless there was sound continuously flowing through the soundcard at all times. This meant playing music all the time, and usually keeping the speakers turned off if I didn't want to hear it, till I came across a small app capable of playing continuous low frequency tones that my cheap speakers were unable to produce. (25 Hz did the trick)
-app103 (December 18, 2020, 11:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

I originally made a reply here asking about this app, and got a few responses and a solution. But since it wasn't really related to Windows 10, those posts have been split off into a new thread here:

Program to play inaudible sound continuously


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