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IP Address Assignment Manager - Does one exist?

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Alright DC hive mind, I seek your wisdom.

I know there are several IP Address Management tools out there that allow you to manage your networks by detecting active addresses, performing scans for inactive hosts, etc. What I am looking for is something different. I want to be able to assign a higher level subnet, say a /23, and break out by location where each network is allocated. I would like the ability to search for an active subnet, say a /27, to issue out to a new device or mark a range no longer in use and available for issue.

Does such a product exist?

The following seemed to have at least some overlap with what you described:

Starts at USD 1995...but there's a 30-day free trial...

Possibly relevant list?

Stoic Joker:
Not sure if you have one in your environment, but Windows Server 2012 has a built in IPAM that IIRC interacts with the DHCP service for live-ish data.

I've not had the time to play with it myself...but it is on the to-do list.

I've used solarwinds extensively but found it to be far too complex for my needs. I am tempted to create an access database to organization my networks but I felt perhaps something already existed to do this that wasn't focused on automated discovery, but manual management.


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