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Minimize skype when the call ends


I'm very new to visual basic programming and I'm currently making a full-screen program that among other things, calls people on skype. The problem I'm having is that after the call has ended, Skype is in front of this program and I'd like it to automagically minimize to the windows tray when the call ends.

Did a fair amount of googling, but I found no results that I was able to understand/they didn't work anymore.

Do you guys know how to do this?

Hi, insomniax, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.  To get a bit of clarity about your question, are you asking how to do this in Visual Basic?  Or, are you asking one of use to write you a small script to minimise your Skype window?  It seems like you already have working code at some level so, if it's the former, this thread might be better served in the Developer's section.

Let us know!   :D

Hello skwire, thank you for the welcoming! A script that minimizes the Skype Window once a call has ended should work absolutely fine, as long as it lets my visual basic program to be in focus once it has minimized. And as I said, I'm very new to this so I am not aware if that is possible so I'll let you guys be the judge of this.

If it isn't possible to keep my full-screen program to be in focus after skype minimizes (I.E you can't see the windows taskbar and such) would you be so kind to move this to the Developer's section?

Thanks in advance! :)


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