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Win9 will be FREE!

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Uh oh... I think the universe is going to collapse on itself.

Windows is well known for sucking every other version. XP was good. Vista wasn't. Win7 was good. Win8 wasn't.

We were all expecting Win9 to be good. But if Win9 is going to be called Win10, but Win10 is supposed to suck, but Win9 is going to be good...


I wonder which version number Windows 10 will have. 6.4?
Just to add more confusion.

But it seems that Windows 10 will make Listary and Dexpot a bit less important. Neat.

I still want to know why people actually continue to pay for Office when OpenOffice does the same job and costs nothing.

And OpenOffice isn't the only GPL backed alternative. -SeraphimLabs (September 30, 2014, 04:53 PM)
--- End quote ---

You shouldn't choose your software based on its license. It'd leave you with not much choice.

Microsoft Office is nice for teams, given that LibO/OOo are the only alternatives with real plans for a built-in collaborative "cloud storage" - stuck to mere plans for years now. For personal use, probably SoftMaker Office (and WordPerfect - the text processor - for letters; yes, I'm still undecided) is the better choice anyway when it comes to quality.

Purportedly, another report has been leaked  8)
I was confident that Win9 will be a free update for Win8/Win8.1/Win8RTF but purportedly it will also work by submitting $30 US and a valid copy of Win7  :huh: WTH,27779.html

I'm waiting now for purported report about Linux, and Dos6.21 would be nice  :-\
Android.... not so much  :(

This is all getting too confusing for me  :-\

I think I'll just wait for Win11  :huh:


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