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Win9 will be FREE!

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Another problem with the cloud model is that it focuses the service on the typical or standard user. If you happen to be one of the few dozen (or even thousand) users of a niche feature of the software, and one of the automatic updates accidentally breaks this niche feature, then you may have to wait for weeks to get that fixed, because the needs of the millions of standard users will always be more important.

Example: I've been using a Chromebook since January, and using the Chrome Remote Desktop app was the main way in which I was accessing my PC remotely, set up with 3 monitors. Now, to be able to effectively use the 3 monitors remotely, the "bump scrolling" feature is essential, i.e. where you move your finger on the touchpad and can glide from monitor to monitor easily. It's a fab feature... when it works. But since January Google managed to break CRD's bump scrolling at least 3 times, and almost every time it took several weeks for them to fix it, despite the few dozen frustrated users complaining on their forum. For me this is a mission-critical feature, for them, this is very, very low on their list of priorities...

Given fair warning, perhaps ... But life seldom happens on schedule.
-Stoic Joker (September 30, 2014, 12:07 PM)
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Considering you pay for the month at a minimum, the chance of you hitting that date at the exact time that you can't pay $10 would seem to be a manageable risk.

Of course, there are considerations when going down this road.  As always let the buyer beware and do his own due diligence.  But after doing my own due diligence on the subject, I know where the possible failures are located, and have taken such mitigation into account- as all should do before doing so.

The new Windows, which it's calling Windows 10. The company looks at the new number (yes, it skipped a number) ...-
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Well, no wonder that Win9 will be free.

Since the next version of Windows will be called Windows 10, Windows 9 might as well be free.

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The new Windows, which it's calling Windows 10. The company looks at the new number (yes, it skipped a number) ...

Well, no wonder that Win9 will be free.
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Until officially notified otherwise, I'm going to assume that Win9 is free, because it is an upgrade to Win8.
If MS uses #9 for an upgrade  numbering the next completely new O/S #10 seems perfectly logical. It's safe to assume that mathematically 9 follows 8 and 10 follows 9 so I'm considering the matter settled until MS changes the current order of numbers in our mathematical system.  :P


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