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So what other helper tools do you use with Screenshot Captor?


in the recent update (v4.8.7 Beta), mouser added the Tools menu to SC's system tray menu. the ability to use external tools from within SC is one of the advantage that I very much like. so I was wondering what other tools out there that can complement or enhance your SC experience.

i'll start with my own SC tools menu, it's quite self-explanatory and it helps a lot with my workflow. though mouser has graciously implemented many of my requests to make things even smoother! :Thmbsup:

Nice  :up:
Very helpful to see what tools people use with SC.

I'm thinking that what would really be useful is if i collected a list of the tools people like to use with SC, and made a special page for them -- with urls, tips, and how they are useful.
Sort of a page for people who use SC to help them find tools that will make their lives easier.

I like where this is going.  I don't use any tools other than Irfanview so it would be interesting to see what other people use and why.

it would be interesting to see what other people use and why.
-dluby (September 30, 2014, 02:36 AM)
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My main adjunct to SC:
It replaced the tool I used before:

Pick Color:
Pick Font:

Fast image viewers  - to sort/copy pics quickly into two custom collection folders - dual pane viewer that I use to browse zip-files without unpacking them first  - also good for quick images fixes, adjusting contrast + colors, rotating, cropping ...
The ini-file is the key to working this program, explanations are in the ini-file itself.

To edit ini-files, xml, html, css:
It combines the best features of PsPad and SublimeText, highly configurable

Renamer: - powerful and yet relatively easy imo, thanks to placeholder variables you can use in lieu of RegEx expressions

I launch my tools from a combination of

Portable is the keyword here. Nothing else qualifies.
To be independent from assigned drive letters I use


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